5 Benefits of a Virtual Desktop

By John Almeter

Hosted Virtual Desktops is a trending topic in 2019. Here are the top 5 benefits that make Hosted Virtual Desktops something you want to know more about.

What is a Hosted Virtual Desktop?

To understand the benefits, you need to know what a hosted virtual desktop is and how it can be used within your business. A virtual desktop is a desktop instance (including data and applications) securely hosted on a remote server, often in a data center, that is accessed from multiple devices such PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones) via the internet.

Top 5 Virtual Desktop Benefits

1. Increased Productivity: With anywhere and anytime access to data and applications, businesses with remote workers, mobile sales and service teams, staff who conduct business anywhere outside of the physical office (including legal, financial, and construction industries) and everyone in between can utilize a virtual desktop and be immediately productive.

2. Simplified Management: The time, expertise, and costs required to manage technology are significantly reduced as each staff member uses the same operating system and application versions. The load on the physical infrastructure is also reduced as data and applications are being accessed over the internet and there is minimal need for RAM, CPU and disk space on the local desktops.

3. Secure: Data center security far exceeds the security (or lack thereof) that a typical business can afford and maintain for their local network and desktops.

4. Built-in Backup and Disaster Recovery: The entire infrastructure for the hosted virtual desktop is automatically backed up which means businesses no longer have to worry about tape backups or ensuring that users save their data to a specific folder in order to be captured for the regular backup. If disaster strikes at a business’s location or inclement weather prevent staff from coming into the office, users can be productive from any location, including their home.

5. Scalability: New users can be provisioned and ready to be productive in a matter of minutes. Businesses that utilize interns, special project staff, build up their teams during holiday seasons and alike can add the users as needed and remove them when the work is completed. No more costly investments in annual licensing that will only be used for a matter of weeks or months.

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