AutoCAD in the Cloud? Yes!

By John Almeter

If you are in the architect, engineering, or construction (commonly referred to as AEC) sectors, you have likely heard that AutoCAD is not compatible with the cloud. Or perhaps it’s the cloud is not compatible with AutoCAD. The good news is that with the evolution of cloud technologies, these statements are no longer true.

The History

Due to the highly intensive graphics required to skillfully design floor plans and elevations, draw piping and auto-generate layers and lists, in the early days of Cloud, the compute resources were not available to successfully deliver AutoCAD in the cloud. AutoCAD was considered to be on the blacklist of applications that could not be hosted in the cloud. That designation has followed AutoCAD through the years.

What Changed?

With GPU-powered desktops like those delivered by Desktops2Go®, AutoCAD can now run seamlessly and with the same level of graphics intensity and performance as if they were installed on a local server.

Find Out More

If you are an AutoCAD based business and would like to learn more about how you can move AutoCAD to the cloud and enjoy all the related benefits including 24/7 access, data security, and transitioning your technology to a monthly OPEX versus large costly CAPEX model, contact us today!

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